The Bridge Builder

SATB Choir: 3 1/2 minutes
Difficulty: Medium
Commissioned by the Osbourn High School Choir; Manassa, VA; Dominick Izzo, Director
Premiered at the 2023 VMEA Music Conference
The Bridge Builder is a musical setting of W. Allen Dromgoole’s poem of the same title. Dromgoole paints a literary picture of selflessness and generosity. An old man, weary from his travels, uses his remaining energy to build a bridge for a young man who must travel the same path after him. After being confronted by a fellow travelling pilgrim who questions his actions and reminds the man that he will not pass this way again, the old man has a renewed vigor and pride in finishing this bridge, knowing that he has done something for his fellow citizen. To hone in on this beautiful message, I chose a simple, direct, diatonic approach to the harmonic language – almost evoking a folk-like feeling for the listener. The Bridge Builder is a message about joy, unity, selflessness, and the generous human spirit.
Available for purchase Spring 2024