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A rising talent in Hollywood, Vincent Oppido’s music is “melodically classical yet unafraid to introduce new ideas” (Damon Lindelof). His music has been performed and recorded in Europe and Japan, and across the United States from Carnegie Hall to the Hollywood scoring stages of Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures Studios.

Oppido’s recent scoring credits include the indie films Alien Code (Archstone/Sony Home Pictures - starring Kyle Gallner and Richard Schiff), Watch the Sky (Breaking Glass Pictures - starring Renee O’Connor), and the upcoming CollegeHumor series Troopers. Other writing credits include original music for Sinclair Oil's 2017 commercial advertisements and musical source arrangements for projects such as It Happened In LA (Sundance Selected) and the upcoming Paramount Pictures film What Men Want. He has also composed additional music for projects including Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween and TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything: Reanimated History.  Also an orchestrator, Oppido has worked on projects such as Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2, Cobra Kai, and NBC's Timeless. His first job in Hollywood, as a music proofreader, enabled him to work on dozens of motion pictures and television shows including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Frozen, Family Guy and The 2013 Oscars.

In addition to work in film and television, Oppido has received numerous commissions for the concert hall, garnering performances in such prestigious venues including The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Symphony Hall in Boston and Carnegie Hall. In December 2018 his work, Cosmic Escapades, was premiered by The United States Army Band at the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago. Past commissions include Fanfare to an American Heritage for the United States Army Bugle Corps, An American Expedition for the Montana All-State Orchestra, and New York, New York: Postards to Home for the Nassau Music Educators Association Division V All-County Band. Oppido also composed Patriot Pride, George Mason University’s alma mater and arranged an overture for Brian Stokes Mitchell’s concert show. His most recent commission for Alto Saxophone Solo and Wind Ensemble, Three Happenings While Walking Down Main Street, will receive its premiere by the United States Air Force Band in 2019.

Originally from Long Island, New York, Vincent studied composition and conducting at George Mason University with Mark Camphouse and Anthony Maiello and was invited to attend the Scoring for Motion Picture and Television program at the University of Southern California. He was selected as a 2012 participant in the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis and also spent a summer studying at the Aspen Music Festival. Oppido is represented by REJ Entertainment and is a member of ASCAP.

  1. Sketches of Cinema: I. Prologue - The Adventure Begins! Vincent Oppido 2:06
  2. Sketches of Cinema: II. The Dance of the Mad Magician Vincent Oppido 3:27
  3. Sketches of Cinema: III. Stargazers' Soliloquy Vincent Oppido 4:00
  4. Sketches of Cinema: IV. Short Ride Through A Colorful Sketch Vincent Oppido 1:15
  5. Sketches of Cinema: V. The Visitors from Shadow Hill Vincent Oppido 1:38
  6. Sketches of Cinema: VI. The Battle at Dark Castle Vincent Oppido 3:19
  7. Sketches of Cinema: VII. Elegy Vincent Oppido 3:07
  8. Sketches of Cinema: VIII. Epilogue Vincent Oppido 3:19
  9. Sergey's Fortune: An Assassin's Routine Vincent Oppido 3:01
  10. Sergey's Fortune: The Final Straw Vincent Oppido 2:09
  11. Adam Ruins Everything: Ancient Rome Dramedy Vincent Oppido 3:08
  12. Gas Station Visitors (Sinclair Oil TV Spot) Vincent Oppido 1:09
  13. Watch the Sky: John in the Cornfields Vincent Oppido 3:24
  14. Watch the Sky: Shawn's Flashback Vincent Oppido 0:41
  15. Watch the Sky: The Neary Boys' Adventure Vincent Oppido 2:53
  16. Watch the Sky: More Adventure Vincent Oppido 2:24
  17. Watch the Sky: The Townspeople Search Vincent Oppido 1:36
  18. Watch the Sky: Brothers Vincent Oppido 3:25
  19. Watch the Sky: Suite Vincent Oppido 7:55
  20. Goosebumps 2: Ungrateful Dead Vincent Oppido 1:19
  21. Goosebumps 2: Witch, Please! Vincent Oppido 3:34
  22. Lovely Day: The Dark Hallway Vincent Oppido 0:43
  23. Lovely Day: Vincent Lurks In The Dark Hallway Vincent Oppido 0:41
  24. Lovely Day: The Murder Vincent Oppido 0:24
  25. Lovely Day: End Credits Vincent Oppido 1:32
  26. Troopers: Main Title and The Legion Vincent Oppido 0:58
  27. Troopers: Una Takes the Orb Vincent Oppido 0:43
  28. Troopers: Dreadlord Celebrates Vincent Oppido 1:44
  29. Troopers: The Valkyrian's Vincent Oppido 1:43
  30. Troopers: This Is a Grangul Vincent Oppido 0:59
  31. Troopers: Vin Obtains the Orb Vincent Oppido 1:07
  32. Troopers: Gooby's Wisdom Vincent Oppido 1:21
  33. Troopers: Una's Fate Vincent Oppido 1:04
  34. Troopers: Dreadlord Abandons Ship Vincent Oppido 1:15
  35. Troopers: Finale Vincent Oppido 1:29
  36. Panofsky's Complaint (excerpt) Vincent Oppido 4:14
  37. Cineastes: The Stalking Vincent Oppido 1:54
  38. Cineastes: End Credits Vincent Oppido 1:51
  39. Flying (Genre) Vincent Oppido 2:14
  40. Action (Genre) Vincent Oppido 0:42
  41. Loneliness (Genre) Vincent Oppido 1:12
  42. Space Odyssey (Genre) Vincent Oppido 2:51


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