Dance of the Mad Magician from SKETCHES OF CINEMA

Dance of the Mad Magician is the second movement from my suite SKETCHES OF CINEMA – an 8 movement concert work revolving around fictious scenematic scenes, all of which are thematically connected. This movement is full of diabolic buoyancy in melody, rhythm, and harmony. A possible storyline is that this Mad Magician, while throwing a dinner party in a dark, distant castle on the top of a mountain on a stormy night, has created an evil potion which he administers to his unsuspecting guests, while dancing about in dark and twisted delight.

Symphony Orchestra: 3 1/2 minutes

Difficulty: Professional

Instrumentation: 3 Flutes (dbls AlFl, Picc), 2 Oboes (2nd dbls EngHn), 3 Bb Clarinets (1st dbls Eb Clarinet, 3rd dbls BsCl, ContraBsCl), 2 Bassoons (2nd dbls Cbsn), 4 Horns, 3 Bb Trumpets, 3 Trombones, Bass Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion (Chimes, Glockenspiel, Gran Cassa, Mark Tree, Marimba, Piatti, Sizzle Cymbal, Slapstick, Suspended Cymbal, Tam-tam, Tambourine, Triangle, Vibraphone, Xylophone) Harp, Piano, Synthesizer, Strings